[Bug 2980] New feature: Configure PAM Service Name in sshd_config

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Eric Price <corvuscorax at cybertrench.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Eric Price <corvuscorax at cybertrench.com> ---
Looking some more into openssh's history, there was also


Yet another attempt to implement this as a parameter.
Since this is from 2005 it predates Match directives. As indicated in
the bug comments, since there could have only been a single name set in
the config, this would have offered no advantage over the "symlink"
method, where a separate sshd process is started under a different

I had a deeper look into the patch supplied with


needless to say, the patch does not work with the latest version of
openssh ;) But it includes a couple of important bugfixes regarding
session management and state consistency that I should probably
incorporate into my solution.

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