[Bug 2985] Building openssh-portable on OpenBSD 6.4 with Kerberos

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Sat Mar 23 04:41:48 AEDT 2019


--- Comment #5 from Markus <markus at blueflash.cc> ---
Sorry, hardware is x86, 32 bit (an old IBM laptop).  And a rather fresh
lean install (no gnome, no kde, not much packages added).  Essentially
a default install.

When I pkg_add heimdal, the libcom_err is missing.  With ports-build it
added that to /usr/local/lib

I've attached the ./configure, config.h, config.log as requested.  This
is a plain configure run, that I made today to have a base to diff
against for the initial patch.

(JFI: I've sent a similar issue to the mailing list with a patch for
the non-portable bsd-build.  I can open a ticket here for it, just
didn't because this bugzilla says openssh-portable).

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