[Bug 3318] New: Read-only mode broken by limits at openssh.com extension

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Sun Jun 6 09:34:40 AEST 2021


            Bug ID: 3318
           Summary: Read-only mode broken by limits at openssh.com extension
           Product: Portable OpenSSH
           Version: 8.6p1
          Hardware: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: major
          Priority: P5
         Component: sftp-server
          Assignee: unassigned-bugs at mindrot.org
          Reporter: marcan at marcan.st

limits at openssh.com is marked as does_write=1, which causes the client
to break when the request is denied, printing a cryptic error message.

$ sftp <server...>
Expected SSH2_FXP_EXTENDED_REPLY(201) packet, got 101

It's really hard to get logs out of the server in internal-chroot mode,
but strace shows:

[pid 133138] write(2, "Refusing limits request in read-only mode\r\n",
43) = 43

I don't see why the extension should be restricted in read-only mode.
The client should probably also not just break and abort when this

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