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Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Thu May 26 12:23:45 EST 2005

CVSROOT:	/var/cvs
Module name:	openssh
Changes by:	djm at shitei.mindrot.org	2005/05/26 12:23:45

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog atomicio.c atomicio.h authfd.c 
	                 monitor_wrap.c msg.c scp.c sftp-client.c 
	                 ssh-keyscan.c sshconnect.c 

Log message:
- avsm at cvs.openbsd.org 2005/05/24 17:32:44
[atomicio.c atomicio.h authfd.c monitor_wrap.c msg.c scp.c sftp-client.c]
[ssh-keyscan.c sshconnect.c]
Switch atomicio to use a simpler interface; it now returns a size_t
(containing number of bytes read/written), and indicates error by
returning 0.  EOF is signalled by errno==EPIPE.
Typical use now becomes:

if (atomicio(read, ..., len) != len)

ok deraadt@, cloder@, djm@

cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.3785 -r1.3786 openssh/ChangeLog
cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.20 -r1.21 openssh/atomicio.c
cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 openssh/atomicio.h
cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.59 -r1.60 openssh/authfd.c
cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.51 -r1.52 openssh/monitor_wrap.c
cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.8 -r1.9 openssh/msg.c
cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.134 -r1.135 openssh/scp.c
cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.57 -r1.58 openssh/sftp-client.c
cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.67 -r1.68 openssh/ssh-keyscan.c
cvs -n rdiff -u -r1.129 -r1.130 openssh/sshconnect.c

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