ANNOUNCE: portable OpenSSH 2.2.0p1

Damien Miller djm at
Sat Sep 2 11:24:12 EST 2000

Version 2.2.0p1 of portable OpenSSH has just been uploaded to the
master site and should be making its way to the mirrors in due

This release contains several new features and bugfixes relative to
the previous 2.1.1p4 release. In particular:

- DSA key support in ssh-agent. Please not that this will not 
  interop with's ssh-agent (Markus Friedl)
- sshd now implements Random Early Drop connection rate limiting,
  which can help mitigate DoS attacks against sshd. See the 
  `MaxStartups' option in the sshd manpage for details (Markus Friedl)
- `-u' option to sshd allow logging of hostnames (rather than IP 
  addresses) in wtmp when `UseLogin' is set to `yes'. (Markus Friedl)
- Escape character `~' support in SSH2 (Markus Friedl)
- Interop with SSH.COM ssh 2.3.0 (Markus Friedl)
- Fix problems when sshd is run from inetd
- Better SunOS 4.1.x support (Nate Itkin and Charles Levert)
- Solaris package support, see contrib/solaris (Rip Loomis)
- Work around connection freezes on HPUX and SunOS 4 (Lutz Jaenicke,
  Tamito KAJIYAMA)
- Fix ^C ignored issue on Solaris. (Gert Doering, John Horne and 
  Garrick James)
- Further improved NeXT support. (Ben Lindstrom, Mark Miller)
- Lots of other minor fixes (see ChangeLog for details)

This release has been tested on HPUX (10.20, 11.00), Irix (5.3,
6.5), Linux (Debian, Redhat, Slackware, SuSE), NeXTstep 3 (HPPA,
i386, m68k), OpenStep (i386, m68k, Sparc), SCO Unixware 7.1.0, SCO
OpenServer 5.0.5, Solaris 2.7 (Sparc), Solaris 2.8 (i386, Sparc),
SNI/Reliant Unix, DEC OSF/Tru64 5.0.

Many thanks to those who contributed bug reports, fixes and testing 

Damien Miller

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