[openssh-unix-announce] New mailing list manager

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Sun Dec 30 18:10:20 EST 2001

The openssh-unix-announce at mindrot.org mailing list has just been
migrated from Majordomo to Mailman[1]. Posting to the mailing list
should be unaffected.

If you wish to unsubscribe or alter the parameters of your
subscription, you may now do so at the list's webpage:


To make changes you will require a password. Since majordomo didn't
keep passwords for subscribed users, your passwords have been randomly
generated and may be obtained using the above form.

If you are using procmail (or similar) to filter postings from the
list, you can match on the following header.

X-BeenThere: openssh-unix-announce at mindrot.org

Please report any problems with the mailing list to me.


[1] http://www.list.org/

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