UseLogin under AIX 4.3.3

Manton, Doug dmanton at
Sun Mar 3 02:38:24 EST 2002

>       This is probably the well known /var/adm/wtmp, /etc/utmp
> bug.
> There is a IBM tech note to fix this but basically just backup and
> /var/adm/wtmp and
> /etc/utmp. This can be done in any method you like "cat /dev/null >
> filename". Also check
> to see that your diskspace for / and /var is not filled. I think this
> problem came about
> when disk space fills and utmp/wtmp are incompletely written.

No such luck.  This problem occurs on every AIX system I have tried --
including the fresh install of 4.3.3 ML9 that went onto my new software
build server.

Thanks for the tip.  I'll continue my investigation.  Does UseLogin work
in your environment?

Doug Manton, AT&T Business Commercial Security 
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