Solaris postinstall script added

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Sun Mar 3 20:09:03 EST 2002

Ben Lindstrom wrote:
[restarting daemons from postinstall scripts]
> Reason being is there are times you install upgrade packages for
> general testing, and you don't want them to kill your known good
> sshd.  Even on test platforms.. =)  It makes people very growly when
> they have to get up from their desks and restat sshd from the sun
> console. =)

As I said in a private (because I forgot to cc the list) message if you
upgrade sshd and don't test it before logging out then you deserve what
you get :-)

Ben pointed out that it's a personal preference thing, and he's right.
While it's really easy to restart it yourself if that's what you want
it's too late if you didn't want to.

So, how about:

# Check for running sshd and start if not running
if [ -f $piddir/ ]
        pid=\`cat $piddir/\`
        if ps -p \$pid | grep sshd >/dev/null
                echo "sshd already running (pid \$pid)."
                echo "Starting sshd."


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