Solaris postinstall script added

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Mon Mar 4 07:38:55 EST 2002

Daniel Bergman wrote:
> I agree with Ben.
> I think pre/post package scripts shouldn't mess with running processes.

Shouldn't mess with a process that already running, or shouldn't mess with running a new process? I mean is it OK to start the daemon if it's not running? (Even if there's one running and didn't find it, the new one will exit when it can't bind() to 22.)

If it's inappropriate, the whole fragment can be deleted, the rest of the postinstall won't be affected.

To top it off, I mixed up the AIX and Solaris scripts and posted the piece from the wrong one. Whoops.

> ># Check for running sshd and start if not running
> > if [ -f $piddir/ ]
> > then
> >         pid=\`cat $piddir/\`
> >         if ps -p \$pid | grep sshd >/dev/null
> >         then
> >                 echo "sshd already running (pid \$pid)."
> >         else
> >                 echo "Starting sshd."
> >                 $sbindir/sshd
Should be :	    /etc/init.d/opensshd start
> >         fi
> > fi


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