OpenSSH-3.1p1 Solaris build with /dev/random

Brian Friday bfriday at
Fri Mar 8 07:13:02 EST 2002


Well if the --with-random has gone away that would explain why my default
configure scripts didn't have it pick it up. (now that you mention it I
think I remember talk about that being removed...). To keep things
standard around my different servers I usually have a executable text file
with all my configure options already called:

./configure \
--with-pam \

That way when I just need the source and that .cfg file of mine to go
through and compile everything. Course as more programs are getting much
better at finding the things they need without my defining them those .cfg
files of mine are getting smaller and in some cases totally deleted.

But the basic issue is the configure script is not correctly picking up
the /dev/random I spaced and didn't save the configure information when I
was doing my initial configures on those systems. But in all cases end
result was the software being configured to use the internal random
generator rather than anything else.


Brian Friday
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La Sierra University
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