Error with building openssh-3.1p1 package

Charles Yuan charles.yuan at
Tue Mar 12 13:42:19 EST 2002

Hi Ben,

We experienced a problem with building openssh-3.1p1 package. Here are the
steps and error messages:

./configure	(looks OK)
make	(OK)
cd contrib/solaris; ./ (Error):

Building pkginfo file...
Building prototype file...
Building package..
## Building pkgmap from package prototype file.
## Processing pkginfo file.
pkgmk: ERROR: parameter <VERSION> cannot be null
## Packaging was not successful.
pkgtrans: ERROR: unable to complete package transfer
    - no packages were selected from

Could you help me to have a look the reasons?

Kind regards,

Dr. Charles Yuan
Senior Unix Systems Administrator
CPS Systems Pty Ltd
charles.yuan at

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