scp completes but ssh subprocess in deadlock with sshd

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at
Wed Mar 13 05:47:46 EST 2002

We're seeing the same problem here, but with 2.9p2 clients and 3.0.2p1
servers on Solaris. It seems to be a reliably reproduceable problem,
but looking carefully it really seems like a non-deterministic problem.
I suspect a race.

We have captured some useful debug messages + other info which I will be
posting to bugzilla.

In all cases, whether the ssh hangs or not we see that both the server
and the client have called channel_free() to free channel 0 (the
session), that both have closed both sides of the channel and that the
server sent the exit-status message and that the client received it. The
only difference is that the client ends up going into a select() w/o
timeout selecting for read on the SSH connection socket.

This is really weird; there should be no calls to channel_free() between
the (compat20 && session_closed && !channel_still_open()) check at the top
of the client loop and the call to client_wait_until_can_do_something(),
so I don't see how there can be a race condition. Yet there it is.

In any case scp does exit even if the ssh hangs at the end.

I am baffled.



On Tue, Mar 12, 2002 at 11:27:19AM +1300, Adrian Pronk wrote:
> I've just built openssh 3.1 for my Redhat 5.1 system (running on a 486
> DX-66) using the latest zlib and openssl libraries.
> Connecting to the machine with ssh seems to work fine (although it takes a
> while to initiate a connection).
> But when I transfer a file to the machine with scp, it seems to work fine
> and the scp completes, but an ssh sub-process remains behind on the client
> and an sshd sub-process remains behind on the host.  When I strace them,
> the client is waiting on a socket and the host is waiting on three
> different fd's (under 5.1, its hard to tell what they are without making an
> effort :) ).
> I did not compile the system on the target machine (which is my firewall).
> My old development machine was a RH 5.1 box.  I bought a new box recently
> and put RH 7.2 on it.  I copied the development RH 5.1 file system on to it
> (including /dev).  I then chroot'ed to that directory , mounted a new /proc
> and had my 5.1 development environment back.  I compiled (make install)
> openSSL, zlib, openSSH on this and copied the likely output files to the
> target machine.  I wouldn't think this development environment would break
> anything.
> Does anyone know off the top of their heads what the problem might be?  If
> not, I'll get stuck in and have a look at the code and see if I can see
> anything.
> --
> Adrian
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