Use of Server's Private Key

Abhijeet Thakare abhi at
Wed Mar 13 13:03:21 EST 2002


I only find this information in SSH1 draft. SSH2 draft does not specify the
use of server's private keys as SSH1 draft. So how do we use server's
private keys with ssh2 client and ssh2 server.


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On Mon, Mar 11, 2002 at 01:29:57PM -0800, Abhijeet Thakare wrote:
> I am not able to figure out where/how we are using the server's private

man sshd:

     Whenever a client connects the daemon responds with its public host and
     server keys.  The client compares the RSA host key against its own
     database to verify that it has not changed.  The client then generates
     256 bit random number.  It encrypts this random number using both the
     host key and the server key, and sends the encrypted number to the
     er. ...

the server uses its private key to prove its indentity to
the connecting user.

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