[Bug 159] Password-Authentication with openssh-3.1p1 fails

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Wed Mar 13 19:38:59 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From fam.muck at telda.net  2002-03-13 19:38 -------
Well, it seems I'm out of luck. pam_stack.so is not included in my pam-
distribution (SuSE Linux) and I'm not able to find the source in the net except 
in RedHat-Distributions. But I don't want to rotate my pam-system with pam from 
another Linux-distribution -  maybe after such an "update" openssh works, but 
many other applications do not so :-) SuSE and RedHat pam-stacks differ in many 

But why do you mean, pam could not find the sshd binary? The identical stack 
worked fine with my previous openssh-version and I didn't change any file-
locations. sshd resides in /usr/sbin/ before and after the update. And the logs 
seem to say that communication between sshd and pam works as it should. 
pam_unix2.so recognizes a wrong password but (of course) you can be sure I use 
the correct password! I'm not a professional but I would think sshd passes a 
wrong password to pam (or why should pam detect a wrong password when I type 
the correct one?).

Very strange things seem to happen.

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