Permission denied

Rajeswari Raghunath raji at
Fri Mar 15 11:06:30 EST 2002

I installed openssh3.1p1 on two IRIX test systems which have both
ipv6/v4 stack.  When tried to execute ssh, it says permission denied and
it fails.
I did add --with-pam when i did configure, installed pam libraries also
on the test systems.

user1 at system1~
59 % /usr/freeware/bin/ssh user1 at system1 /usr/bin/true
user1 at system1's password:
Permission denied, please try again.
user1 at system1's password:

But when i installed the same software on another set of two sytems
which has only v4 stack, it doesn't fail this way.
What could be going wrong here?


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