StrictModes yes fails in some cases on AIX

frank mohr f_mohr at
Fri Mar 22 05:13:07 EST 2002

today I've got a strange error on a AIX 4.3 box (OpenSSH 3.1p1)

secure_filename() fails with 
"realpath /users/fmohr/.ssh/authorized_keys failed: Permission denied"
in a (realy special) case:
- /users/fmohr/ is mounted by the automounter
- the directory is exported via a dfs/nfs gateway
- StrictModes is set to yes

it works if the mounted directory is directly exported
via nfs or StrictModes is set to no (no secure_filename check).

the problem is caused by AIX realpath(), if I define BROKEN_REALPATH
and use the realpath() function from openbsd-compat the authentication 
works fine.

is this a known problem?
is there any option to tell configure to set BROKEN_REALPATH
(as far as i understand that part of the configure script,
only the existence of the function is checked, but there is no
way to skip a test and preset its result)



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