GSSAPI/Kerberos support in OpenSSH 3.1p1

Simon Wilkinson sxw at
Fri Mar 22 09:29:35 EST 2002

I've now completed updating my patches for GSSAPI in protocol v2 to
OpenSSH 3.1p1

As previously, you will need to apply the protocol v1 krb5 patch
before the GSSAPI one, and run autoreconf from an autoconf later
than 2.52

There are a number of improvements and minor bug fixes over previous
patches. However, due to protocol changes this patch will not interoperate
with my GSSAPI patches to 2.9p2 and earlier.

This patch is conditionally compliant with
draft-ietf-secsh-gsskeyex-03.txt. It does not currently implement GSSAPI
secured host key exchange, or the optional GSSAPI error message passing

Thanks to all those who have emailed me asking when this would be
available, and to all those who have contributed patches and code reviews.
The list on is on the web page!



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