bug in ssh-keyscan.c --

Paul Townsend aab at aab.cc.purdue.edu
Fri Mar 22 10:35:51 EST 2002

Oops.  I really should have looked and tested a little longer and I
might've noticed that `fatal()' now has its own file, "fatal.c".  My
comments/patch apply to an attempt to backport ssh-keyscan-3.1p1 to
3.0.2p1 where `fatal()' resides in "log.c".

--  I apologize for using the bandwidth,
--    Paul Townsend (aab at purdue.edu)

On Wed, 20 Mar 2002 22:44:41 -0500 (EST), Paul Townsend wrote:
>"ssh-keyscan.c" can't be linked statically against "libssh.a".  You end
>up with `fatal()' being doubly defined.
> . . .  S N I P

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