Trusted HP-UX 10.26

Ben Lindstrom mouring at
Sat Mar 23 10:46:01 EST 2002

Depending on what the patch contains.. I'd rather seen a few small well
defined "Fixed XYZ bug" patches in bugzilla then "Makes HP/UX works" large
patch myself.

It allows us to pick apart and decide what we will accept and what should
be rewritten.. or what may be useful for upstream.

- Ben

On Fri, 22 Mar 2002, Darren Cole wrote:

>     I haven't noticed any work on Trusted HP-UX 10.26 in the archives (then
> again maybe I missed it).  I have made changes to get sshd working on
> trusted HP-UX, ssh already worked.  I can supply a patch, but before I did I
> was wondering if it is best to send the patch to this list, or file it as a
> bug report?  The patch is just around 6k, and includes changes to
> and acconfig.h, allong with the code changes.  The patch is
> against openssh-3.1p1.
> I also have some preliminary .psf files to create software depots (software
> packaging for hp-ux), though I have not integrated these into the build
> process yet.
> Darren Cole
> dcole at
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