openssh-3.1p1, on Solaris 8

Ole Michaelsen omic at
Tue Mar 26 22:17:30 EST 2002


First I would like to thank you for making building the OpenSSH package
so easy on Solaris 8. I wish it was so easy with all open source

For your information, I just build and packaged OpenSSH-3.1p1 on my
Ultra 5 workstation with the following packages:

system      SUNWadmr       System & Network Administration Root
system      SUNWarc        Archive Libraries
system      SUNWbtool      CCS tools bundled with SunOS
system      SUNWcar        Core Architecture, (Root)
system      SUNWcarx       Core Architecture, (Root) (64-bit)
system      SUNWcsd        Core Solaris Devices
system      SUNWcsl        Core Solaris, (Shared Libs)
system      SUNWcslx       Core Solaris Libraries (64-bit)
system      SUNWcsr        Core Solaris, (Root)
system      SUNWcsu        Core Solaris, (Usr)
system      SUNWcsxu       Core Solaris (Usr) (64-bit)
system      SUNWdoc        Documentation Tools
system      SUNWesu        Extended System Utilities
system      SUNWfcp        Sun FCP SCSI Device Driver
system      SUNWfcpx       Sun FCP SCSI Device Driver (64-bit)
system      SUNWfctl       Sun Fibre Channel Transport layer
system      SUNWfctlx      Sun Fibre Channel Transport layer (64-bit)
system      SUNWftpr       FTP Server, (Root)
system      SUNWftpu       FTP Server, (Usr)
system      SUNWgzip       The GNU Zip (gzip) compression utility
system      SUNWhea        SunOS Header Files
system      SUNWhmd        SunSwift SBus Adapter Drivers
system      SUNWhmdx       SunSwift SBus Adapter Drivers (64-bit)
system      SUNWkvm        Core Architecture, (Kvm)
system      SUNWkvmx       Core Architecture (Kvm) (64-bit)
system      SUNWless       The GNU pager (less)
system      SUNWlibC       Sun Workshop Compilers Bundled libC
system      SUNWlibCx      Sun WorkShop Bundled 64-bit libC
system      SUNWlibm       Sun WorkShop Bundled libm
system      SUNWlibms      Sun WorkShop Bundled shared libm
system      SUNWlmsx       Sun WorkShop Bundled 64-bit shared libm
system      SUNWloc        System Localization
system      SUNWlocx       System Localization (64-bit)
system      SUNWluxdx      Sun Enterprise Network Array sf Device Driver
system      SUNWluxop      Sun Enterprise Network Array firmware and
system      SUNWluxox      Sun Enterprise Network Array libraries
system      SUNWman        On-Line Manual Pages
system      SUNWnamos      Northern America OS Support
system      SUNWnamow      Northern America OW Support
system      SUNWntpr       NTP, (Root)
system      SUNWntpu       NTP, (Usr)
system      SUNWpd         PCI Drivers
system      SUNWpdx        PCI Drivers (64-bit)
system      SUNWpl5u       Perl 5.005_03
system      SUNWrmodu      Realmode Modules, (Usr)
system      SUNWscpr       Source Compatibility, (Root)
system      SUNWscpu       Source Compatibility, (Usr)
system      SUNWses        SCSI Enclosure Services Device Driver
system      SUNWsesx       SCSI Enclosure Services Device Driver
system      SUNWsndmr      Sendmail root
system      SUNWsndmu      Sendmail user
system      SUNWsolnm      Solaris Naming Enabler
system      SUNWsprot      Solaris Bundled tools
system      SUNWssad       SPARCstorage Array Drivers
system      SUNWssadx      SPARCstorage Array Drivers (64-bit)
system      SUNWswmt       Install and Patch Utilities
system      SUNWtoo        Programming Tools
system      SUNWxcu4       XCU4 Utilities
system      SUNWzlib       The Zip compression library

and additionally from SunFreeware:

$ pkginfo|grep -v SUNW
application SMCbinut       binutils
application SMCgcc3        gcc
application SMClsof        lsof
application SMCmake        make
application SMCnmap        namp
application SMCosslc       openssl
application SMCsudo        sudo

My path during the build was:

$ echo $PATH

and with no special LD_LIBRARY_PATH or LD_RUN_PATH.

Now, the only problem I had was, that the scripts does a 

## Extract common info requires for the 'info' part of the package.
VERSION=`tail -1 ../../version.h | sed -e 's/.*_\([0-9]\)/\1/g' | sed

but since there is a blank line at the end of version.h the variable
VERSION is empty and the package will not build! I changed this to

## Extract common info requires for the 'info' part of the package.
VERSION=`tail -1 ../../version.h | head -1 | sed -e 's/.*_\([0-9]\)/\1/g' | sed

and things went smooth.

You should probably fix this or write a note about it (if you haven't
already - though I didn't see it).

Again, thanks for a (otherwise) great job done.

Ole Michaelsen, Darmstadt, Germany
omic at

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