openssh3.1p1 -- 'ssh' connection gets terminated

Rajeswari Raghunath raji at
Wed Mar 27 06:23:36 EST 2002


Compiled openssh3.1p1 by adding '-DINET6' flag to compile line to enable
it to be installed on our ipv6 systems.  No other code change was done
to openssh.  Installed it on two ipv6 systems and two ipv4 systems.
Whenerer the server is an ipv4 system, ssh client seems to establish
connection but it terminates immediately after printing motd message.
Here is the typical failure scenario:
vsx0 at system1 ~
51 % ssh vsx0 at system2
vsx0 at system2's password:
Last login: Tue Mar 26 09:53:05 2002 from
Connection to system2 closed.

Has anyone seen a similar problem before?  If so, can anyone help me out
on this?  Tried adding -DPACKET_DEBUG flag to compile line to check the
packets.  And this was what i found:
 Looks like the function 'client_loop' receives a message type of
'SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_EOF' (packet type 96) from the function
'packet_read_poll2' before receiving the 'motd' message and hence
subsequently the client terminates.  (Wonder why server should be
sending 'eof' here.)

Any help would be useful here.


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