[Bug 192] monitor.c:545: undefined reference to `auth_password with USE_PAM on

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Thu Mar 28 04:04:16 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From mouring at eviladmin.org  2002-03-28 04:04 -------
If I understand the PAM code (none of the PRIVSEP code has been made to work 
with it right now) one should never called auth_password()  they should
be calling auth_pam_password()..

So in mm_answer_authpassword() function it should look something like this 
(untested, and unsure if any other PAM tweaks are needed), but I won't commit 
anything until someone says ya or na for it being correct.

         passwd = buffer_get_string(m, &plen);
         /* Only authenticate if the context is valid */
+#ifdef USE_PAM
+        /* Do PAM auth with password */
+        authenticated = authctxt->valid && auth_pam_password
+             (authctxt>pw,passwd);
        authenticated = authctxt->valid && auth_password(authctxt, passwd);
        memset(passwd, 0, strlen(passwd));

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