Trusted HP-UX 10.26

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Fri Mar 29 11:07:39 EST 2002

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> On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, Darren Cole wrote:
> :> i don't understand this.  why do you need the hashed password here?
> :authtxt now has the password information.  Without the getprpwnam call,
> :authtxt wont get the encrypted password.
> you should look at auth_password(); there is already hp-ux code there
> doing most of what you need.  auth2 should not be changed.

I am. And once I get through my next patch it will use this instead.

> :Hmm... Now that I know a bit more about autoconf, I see how I could make
> :HAVE_SCO_PROTECTED_PW be defined on trusted hp-ux.  Then I could move
> :functionality to auth-passwd.c.  Thanks, I will try that before I post my
> :> :+    // the "--" makes login hang on Trusted HP-UX
> :> :+    // 10.26
> :> :+       "-p", "-f", pw->pw_name, (char *)NULL);
> :> :+ #else
> :> :        "-p", "-f", "--", pw->pw_name, (char *)NULL);
> :> :+ #endif
> :> :
> :> :    /* Login couldn't be executed, die. */
> :>
> :> do you require UseLogin yes?
> :
> :Yes.  It seems much easier to let login taking care of checking and
> :all that needs to be done on a CMW, instead of duplicating all of that
> :and code.
> login doesn't use getopt()?

I don't think so, though I would have to look through the source to be sure.
Login on these CMW systems is pretty darn hacked up.  If the "--" is there
it hangs and you eventually times out.  Why exactly I don't know, but it
does.  It might be one of the "security" features of login (just like it has
to be a descendent of init or it wont log you in).


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