Non-interactive root access via hostbased using shosts.equiv

Joe Berry jberry02 at
Sat Mar 30 08:02:50 EST 2002

Hello all!

--- "William R. Knox" <wknox at> wrote:
> You can set up an ssh-agent, add your key(s), and
> then reference that
> agent in any process that needs to make the
> connection.

    Thanks for the suggestion.  Unfortunately I do not
believe it is practical due to the large number of
systems involved.  Automated processes would break
because a box had been rebooted and no-one had reset
the agent to know about the key[s].  If we could
centralize everything so that it was driven from one
or two boxes, it might be workable.  Also, it seems
like a bit of trouble compared to a secure host-based
access set-up.  I'll keep it in mind as something we
might want to work towards.


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