Cisco vs. 6.9

Damien Miller djm at
Wed Jul 29 09:20:59 AEST 2015

On Tue, 28 Jul 2015, Kash, Howard M CIV USARMY ARL (US) wrote:

> > Turns out the problem is the new protocol extension for sending host keys
> to
> > the client after user authentication (section 2.5 of the PROTOCOLS
> > document).  Commenting out the notify_hostkeys() call in sshd.c fixes the
> > issues with Cisco scp.  Maybe a new bug compatibility flag in on order to
> > add to the "Cisco-1.*" client string that was added in 6.9?
> There's already a flag... just need to add SSH_BUG_HOSTKEYS to "Cisco-1.*"
> in compat.c.

Done - this will be in openssh-7.0

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