[netflow-tools] flowd + avici v9 flows problem

Gijs Molenaar gijs at looze.net
Wed Jul 6 22:16:09 EST 2005


We are trying to implement flowd 0.8.5 in our new network. I like flowd 
because it is very simple, and it has a good functioning python module 
ready to use. But when we let flowd analyse the v9 flows exported by an 
avici router we encounter the following error (output of flowd):

   netflow v.9 tempate flowset
   NetFlow v.9 template with 18 records:
   Invalid field length in netflow v.9 flowset template 256 from 
<router_address> type 10 len 4

Now we first thought this was a bug in the Avici router software, so we 
contacted Avici. They responded the following:

>        From the logs you provided, we determined that the flowd netflow
>        collector s/w you are using at SurfNet is not compliant with the
>        draft-claise-netflow-9-07.txt :
>        it does not support field type 10 (ifindex) with length of 4,
>        which is a requirement w/ draft-claise-netflow-9-07.txt.
>        draft-claise-netflow-9-07.txt introduces INPUT_SNMP(type 10) and
>        OUTPUT_SNMP(type 14) fields as variable length fields.
>        The default length being 2. But higher values can be used.
>        It looks like flowD might support an earlier draft.
>        Unfortunately we cannot easily change Avici ifIndexes to be 16
>        bit only.

The draft can be found here:

I hope this can be any help for flowd, and if you need any contact with 
Avici people let me know.


Gijs Molenaar
gijs at looze.net

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