[netflow-tools] flowd + avici v9 flows problem

Gijs Molenaar gijs at looze.net
Thu Jul 7 18:12:59 EST 2005

Damien Miller wrote:

> Please try the attached diff. It won't drop the packets any more, but

It works! But now I'm getting the same error for field type 17 :). This 
is NF9_DST_AS.  The daft describes that the lenght for these fields 
should be 2 or 4. The same for NF9_SRC_AS*. When I look at your code, it 
only supports lenght 2.*

> the flowd log format only has a 2 octet space to store the SNMP
> interface indices, so the most signficant two octets will be ignored.

Will the flowd log format support variable length for these fields in 
the future?

> (yes, I am guilty of only testing the NetFlow v.9 code against a Cisco
> and softflowd)

I will do this for you :)

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