[netflow-tools] "Fatal error - exiting immediately"

Robin Breathe rbreathe at brookes.ac.uk
Fri Nov 18 21:29:41 EST 2005

Damien Miller wrote:
>> Is GCC 4.0 buggy?
> It is very buggy. There have been a spate of bugs reported to OpenSSH
> that have been traced to gcc-4.x miscompilations, though Linux/x86
> hasn't been as bad as more obscure platforms. I would avoid it for quite
> a few versions yet...


I've also found that softflowd dies instantly when compiled with GCC
4.0.2 under Solaris 9/Sparc - I hadn't found time to verify conclusively
that GCC was responsible or I would have reported the issue earlier.

# softflowd -D -i bge3
softflowd v0.9.7 starting data collection
ADD FLOW seq:1 []:27030 <> []:1782 proto:6
ADD FLOW seq:115 []:47134 <> []:2033 proto:6
Fatal error - exiting immediately
Exiting immediately on internal error

truss doesn't throw up anything interesting (that I can see), and I
don't yet have access to ltrace on the affected system.

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