[netflow-tools] [ANNOUNCE] pfflowd-0.7

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Fri Jul 7 18:56:26 EST 2006


After a long hiatus, pfflowd-0.7 has been released. Thanks to work done
by Mathieu Sauve-Frankel, this release supports pfsync version 3 as used
by OpenBSD 3.9 and above (older versions are not supported).

A useful feature in pfsync v.3 is 64-bit packet and byte counters for
tracked state entries and, again thanks to Mathieu, pfflowd will now
use these larger counters to better account for large flows. Because
NetFlow v.1 and v.5 support only 32-bit counters, pfflowd will send
multiple flow records when a counter exceeds 2^32. Please see the
pfflowd(8) manual page for further details.

Please also note that the default privilege drop user has changed from
"nobody" to "_pfflowd".

Damien Miller

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