[netflow-tools] inaccurate traffic rates...

Shane Gaumond shane.gaumond at matrox.com
Thu Oct 11 06:26:12 EST 2007

Hello all..

I may have missed something in the new install of NfSen version:

Is it possible that sampling is enabled by default.  I have a graph
showing me approx 2.4 Gb/s peaks which i can confirm is correct via SNMP
counters.  The statistics read out below the graph is reading a rate of
4.7 Gb/s (double the amount).  When i dselect the SUM button i get 177.9
GB which is also double what it should be.  The same can be send for all
my profiles except the live profile.  All of my profiles are shadow
profiles.  I have created a real profile, I'll collect info overnight
and verify if the problem is present in a real profile as well.

The thing that i find strange is that if a sampling rate of 2:1 is
somehow enabled the graph should reflect it.  If i did something wrong
let me know.  Thanks for the help and thanks for a great piece of

Shane Gaumond
sgaumond at matrox.com

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