[netflow-tools] Flow header information

Brian White brian at logixresourcegroup.com
Fri Feb 29 03:12:00 EST 2008


I've been having trouble getting the header information out of the Netflow 
packets using the FLOW_ENGINE_INFO values.  My flowd.conf has "Store ALL", 
so it should be keeping everything sent...  I've tried "Store 
FLOW_ENGINE_INFO" being specifically stated, as well.  Regardless of what I 
use, I cannot get any of the related information out of the stored file.

Using "flowd-reader -v [file]", I get pretty much everything except the 
flow_sequence, engine_type, engine_id, and source_id.  I've also tried using 
the Flowd perl module to reference the data manually using 
$flow->{flow_sequence} etc, but it's null.

Any ideas?  What I'm trying to accomplish is getting the flow sequence 
numbers to determine how many flows are being sent to my collector vs. how 
many I have actually received.  This way I can determine if there are issues 
in the network that's causing data loss in the flow reports.



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