[netflow-tools] flowd output queue filling up

Jesse Kempf jkempf at davisvision.com
Tue May 20 07:47:36 EST 2008

James Cornman wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm using Flowd 0.9 built on Linux (CentOS 5) and I'm using an adapted
> version of your sockclient.py to inject qualified info into MySQL on
> another server. flowd is using the 'logsock' logging mechanism
> After about 20 seconds of running, I get the following:
> output_flow_enqueue: output queue full
> output_flow_enqueue: output queue full
> process_flow: enqueue failed after flush
> privsep_master: child exited
> child exited with status 1
> I'm not exactly sure what the problem may be but I'm wondering what
> any limitations may be with overall processing power (Not sending a
> tremendous amount of flows at it) and i'm also wondering how
> 'blocking' my python script could be, with all the mysql inserts and
> what not.
> Anyone have any thoughts?
What you're seeing is a bug in 0.9 which got fixed back in the fall -- 
flowd wasn't emptying its file output queue and would explode after a 
certain, rather small (several hundred, I think?) number of records was 
received. I have a setup that does 200 records/sec up to several 
thousand records/sec, and that shoves everything into a PostgreSQL 
database. Flowd is decidedly not the bottleneck.
Try the latest snapshot and see if that works for you.


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