[netflow-tools] Reg softflowd v9

Koteswar koti.kelam at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 21:27:56 EST 2009

I am runing softflowd in my PC with following command
#softflowd -D -v 9 -i eth1 -n192.168.100.2:5555 -t maxlife=10 -t expint=10
And it is not sending v9 template flow set immadiately. If I create some
ICMP session with
#ping -c 4
then it is sending template flow set but not data flow set with the ICMP
session data.
If I do ping again then it is sending data flow set with the ICMP session
data. So we are missing first data flow set. I am attaching the debug info
with this mail.

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