[netflow-tools] Storing Interface Information in the flow

Suraj Nellikar (snellika) snellika at cisco.com
Tue Jun 16 11:28:49 EST 2009

Thanks Jeff. I was doing that but it was not showing up when I used to
read the logfile using flowd-reader. Then I saw the man page for
flowd-reader and came to know that I have to use the '-v' option to show
all the fields. By default, flowd-reader prints only a subset of the


Thanks for the information on man page.




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Yes, there is. The sample flowd.conf file distributed with the program,
as a model for you to customize, lists several field titles which you
can choose to uncomment and thereby store -- or you can take the brute
approach and "store ALL", which might generate larger log files than
you'd prefer. But although it may not be obvious from the Web site of
the program, there is a man page installed with it when you install, so
"man flowd.conf" will show you all the possible "store" statements. In
particular, I believe the one you want is...





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On Jun 15, 2009, at 6:29 PM, Suraj Nellikar (snellika) wrote:


I am using flowd as a netflow collector and when it captures the
packets, I can see the in_if and out_if fields (interface indexes), but
these are not seen in the logfile. How can I configure flowd such that I
can store these fields along with the flow




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