[netflow-tools] flows timers control

Sebastian Majkowski smajko at wp.pl
Fri May 1 00:38:33 EST 2009


I use softflowd simultaneously with my router. I noticed that softflowd 
is generating almost twice more softflow info than my cisco. I guess 
thats because of timouts which I am able to set on cisco and use some 
cache before sending netflow information to my collector.
Is it possible to set it also with softflowd? In other words:
- generate netflow information when flow is not active for X seconds (I 
want to set X value, what is softflowd default?) (cisco: |ip flow-cache 
timeout inactive X)|**
- generate netflow information when flow is active for Y seconds (and if 
still active repeat this after another Y seconds (what is the default?)) 
(cisco: *ip flow-cache active-timeout Y)
I guess that softflowd timers are different than cisco ones, I probably 
get more detailed info with softflowd but I am running out of resources 
and just need to save on this.

Any ideas?



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