[netflow-tools] Patch: Fix errors in softflowd.8

Christoph Biedl netflow-tools.aguu at manchmal.in-ulm.de
Wed Feb 2 06:10:36 EST 2011

Christoph Biedl wrote...

Sorry, seems like I messed the whole thing up. Second try ...

"man --warnings" complained about nroff errors in softflowd.8.
Looking closer it seems the explanation of signal handling somehow got
garbled. The patch attached fixes both.



--- a/softflowd.8
+++ b/softflowd.8
@@ -35,14 +35,14 @@
 .Op Fl L Ar hoplimit
 .Op Fl T Ar track_level
 .Op Fl c Ar ctl_sock
+.Bk -words
 .Oo Fl i\ \&
 .Sm off
 .Oo Ar if_ndx : Oc
 .Ar interface
 .Sm on
-.Bk words
 .Op Fl m Ar max_flows
 .Op Fl n Ar host:port
 .Op Fl p Ar pidfile
@@ -336,11 +336,10 @@
 This interface allows one to shut down the daemon, force expiry of
 all tracked flows and extract debugging and summary data.
-Also, upon receipt of a
+Also, receipt of a
 will cause
 to exit, after expiring all flows (and thus sending flow export packets
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