[netflow-tools] softflowd-0.9.9 released

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Mon Feb 13 13:14:41 EST 2012


I've just uploaded a new release (0.9.9) of softflowd to

This release incorporates Irino-san's recent patches, most notably his
support for flow sampling. 

The softflowd-0.9.9 release contains the following new features:

  * Add support for flow sampling, controlled by a new -s option (see
    softflowd(8) manpage for details)
  * Add compile-time --chrootdir option to specify alternate chroot
  * Allow specification of input and output interface indices using a
    new -i option.
  * Introduce a freelist allocator for expiry and flow objects, faster
    than malloc

... and the following bug fixes:

  * Correctly exit from mainloop when a signal is received
  * Fix logging from reduced-privileged child
  * Many manpage typo, consistency and formatting fixes
  * The softflow statistics command now displays the time at which
    softflowd was started
  * Avoid spurious exit from mainloop while listening on "any"
  * Correct broken IPv6 Netflow v.9 flows

Please report any problems via the issue tracker at 

Damien Miller

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