[netflow-tools] A softflowd bug in NetFlow v9 header's sequence number field is found.

Hitoshi Irino irino at sfc.wide.ad.jp
Sun Sep 30 00:30:25 EST 2012

Hello Damien and softflowd users,

I fixed softflowd a bug.
The sequence number field in NetFlow version 9 header is number of
exported packets.

In RFC3954,
   Sequence Number
         Incremental sequence counter of all Export Packets sent from
         the current Observation Domain by the Exporter.  This value
         MUST be cumulative, and SHOULD be used by the Collector to
         identify whether any Export Packets have been missed.

Softflowd 0.99 and older version uses number of exported flows for this

I commited patches.

Hitoshi Irino

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