[netflow-tools] [softflowd] Capture only one subnet

Thomas Hupperich thomas.hupperich at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Thu Jan 17 20:08:35 EST 2013

Hello everybody,

I am rather new to softflowd so I hope my question not to be totally dumb.

Is it possible to capture only one subnet of netflow traffic?
For instance: If a switch processes traffic of the subnet 10.1.x.x and
10.2.x.x, would it be possible to capture only traffic of 10.2.x.x ?

Actually I am using softflowd to capture netflow traffic and it would be
best to restrict it only to one subnet directly.
Alternatively: Is there a way to export only those netflows of a
specific subnet (e.g. with flow-export from flowtools)?

Thanks for your help!

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