[netflow-tools] Setting up softflowd - set promiscuous or not?

Giles Coochey giles at coochey.net
Thu Jun 27 22:12:43 EST 2013

Hi List,

I'm in the process of setting up softflowd 0.9.9 on a Centos 6.4 system 
(compiled from source tarball).

The daemon will listen to an unused interface that is receiving port 
mirrored traffic (a.la. Span port)

I am planning on using the softflowd init script and sysconfig file 
provided in the tar ball.

Do I need to manually put the unused interface into promiscuous mode, or 
will softflowd / the init script take care of that for me?


Giles Coochey, CCNP, CCNA, CCNAS
NetSecSpec Ltd
+44 (0) 7983 877438
giles at coochey.net

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