[netflow-tools] Can softflowd read from stdin?

Per Håkansson per.hakansson at speedapp.se
Wed Mar 13 02:58:13 EST 2013

Hello John

Thanks for the answer. Sorry I did not try it out. I did ask so I know if it was any use of setting up my different machines.

I have now learned that the '-' seems to be a unix feature for stdin, not just as I beleived, only a tcpdump feature (I'm still a unix noob). I did get my env. up and forward a pcap stream to my softflowd-machine and it did works great!

Thanks for the development of softflowd.

Per Håkansson

9 mar 2013 kl. 18:03 skrev John Marrett <johnf at zioncluster.ca>:

> Per,
>> I try to find out if softflowd can read a pcap-'stream' from standard input? I know that softflowd can read from file with '-r file', but I need to read from a unix | (pipe) like tcpdump can do with 'tcpdump -r -'. Is it already possible today or is it easy to add it somewhere in the code?
> Yes, it should be able to read from stdin using -r -, at least based on my understanding of the source [1] and function it calls ( pcap_open_offline [2] ).
> Have your tried it; is it not working properly for you?
> [1] http://code.google.com/p/softflowd/source/browse/softflowd.c#1388
> [2] http://www.manpagez.com/man/3/pcap_open_offline/
> -JohnF

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