[netflow-tools] softflowd :: Linux AWS instance - no traffic viewed on tcpdump

Olaf Schreck chakl at syscall.de
Sun May 10 02:28:32 AEST 2015

> Ive never done this stuff before and my total understanding is that this
> isn't working because ...

Don't speculate.  Looks like it is working:

> root at ip-10-99-0-240:~/softflowd# softflowctl statistics
> Number of active flows: 22
> Packets processed: 36748981
> Flows exported: 4265 in 1094 packets (0 failures)

Also, your collector drops packets, measurements may not be precise.

> Packets received by libpcap: 38124167
> Packets dropped by libpcap: 1359404


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