[Bug 877] ssh 3.8.1p1 client cannot disable encryption with "-c none"

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Tue Jun 8 06:20:27 EST 2004


------- Additional Comments From mohit_aron at hotmail.com  2004-06-08 06:20 -------

> The overhead also is dependant on how you've setup your GigE network.  Most
> OSes and network devices are pretty configurable and you can really mitigate 
> the effects of the NIC overhead in your boxes.  GigE flow-control is also a 
> must in any higher-traffic GigE network.  I'm pushing 990mbps in testing with 
> very low CPU overhead on Linux through a variety of tuning practices.

Darren Tucker was trying to make the point that kernel ovhd was higher than
encryption based ovhds at user-level. All I'm trying to say is that he should
try on recent hardware/software. One reason why earlier kernels had higher
ovhd in the network stacks was because the tcp checksumming was done in 
software. These days Gigabit cards offload it to the NIC. Today it is highly
unlikely that ssh over Gigabit would show higher ovhd in the kernel than at 
user-level if the encryption is done in user-level software. It is possible
to offload this user-level software encryption to a special hardware device,
but such hardware devices are not the norm.

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