[Bug 877] ssh 3.8.1p1 client cannot disable encryption with "-c none"

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Tue Jun 8 06:27:51 EST 2004


------- Additional Comments From mohit_aron at hotmail.com  2004-06-08 06:27 -------

> 1) how much faster is "none" compared to "arcfour"?

You guys have the numbers - as long as its faster I want to use it. Like I said
its painful forwarding X over the Internet, I'd like to get as much performance
as I can.

> 2) not having "none" makes it harder for people to send plaintext by accident

Not having "none" makes it impossible for everyone to send plaintext - this
hurts people who know what they are doing.

> 3) you still have to use integrity protection

Not in situations where its not needed. If I'm transferring a data file
containing a public domain rpm, I'm happy with the integrity that tcp 
checksumming offers.

> 4) it's too easy to screw up the ipsec setup

Are you saying its too easy to compromise IPsec security ? As long as I trust
the security offered by my VPN, I want to use plaintext ssh channels over it.

> 5) sshd cannot tell whether the connection is protected by ipsec.

So should sshd enforce security even when connection IS protected by ipsec ?
I think not - that decision should be left to the user.

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