[Bug 1245] Add support for Darwin CCAPI

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--- Comment #3 from Simon Wilkinson <simon at sxw.org.uk>  2007-06-22 17:56:16 ---
The USE_CCAPI bits currently depend on USE_SECURITY_SESSION_API (that
is, you can't use the CCAPI unless you're in a valid security session)

License concerns are why I haven't yet suggested applying this patch.

I originally got this code from Sam Hartman at MIT - it's part of the
Debian OpenSSH patch that he maintained at the time. However, I'm not
sure of the original origin of the code, especially given the work MIT
have done with Apple on Kerberos in Mac OS X, and I need to check that
with Sam.

Historically, there are other patches for adding CCAPI support to
OpenSSH that are definitely untainted. It's possible that we could
start with one of those.

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