[Bug 3416] sshd freeze when build without HAVE_PPOLL

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Fri Apr 1 23:57:33 AEDT 2022


--- Comment #6 from Darren Tucker <dtucker at dtucker.net> ---
(In reply to Darren Tucker from comment #5)
> > Also maybe both POLLIN and POLLOUT cases should check POLLERR in
> > revents. I saw this in bug #3405
> Good point, I'll do that as a separate patch.

I take that back :-)

Same thing, we are not checking the return from a poll(), we are
checking the return from a select() and mapping it to what would be
returned by poll().  Conditions that would cause poll() to set POLLERR
will cause select to set the bit in readfds or writefds (likely both),
but we can't tell that from what select returns.  We won't see there's
an error condition until the calling code attempts a read or write and
gets a 0 or -1 returned.

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