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djm pushed a change to annotated tag V_9_0_P1
in repository openssh.

        at  d1d13b1c  (tag)
   tagging  94eb6858efecc1b4f02d8a6bd35e149f55c814c8 (commit)
  replaces  V_8_9_P1
 tagged by  Damien Miller
        on  Thu Apr 7 14:50:37 2022 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------


Colin Watson (1):
      Improve detection of -fzero-call-used-regs=all support

Damien Miller (2):
      update version numbers for release

Darren Tucker (29):
      Add tests for latest releases of {Libre,Open}SSL.
      Use PICFLAG instead of hard coding -fPIC.
      ANSIfy getshort and getlong.
      Constify utimes in compat library to match specs.
      Improve handling of _getshort and _getlong.
      Allow ppoll_time64 in seccomp sandbox.
      Add debian-i386 test target.
      No unused param warnings for clang-12 and gcc-11.
      Add OPENBSD ORIGINAL marker.
      Remove unused ivbits argument from chacha_keysetup
      Default to not using sandbox when cross compiling.
      Check for missing ftruncate prototype.
      Provide killpg implementation.
      Resync fmt_scaled. with OpenBSD.
      Add OpenWRT mips and mipsel test targets.
      Factor out platform-specific locked account check.
      Missing semicolon.
      Remove now-unused passwd variable.
      Use tarballs when testing LibreSSL releases.
      Drop leading "v" from release version identifier.
      Add AIX 5.1 test target.
      Skip slow tests on (very) slow test targets.
      Set Makefile SHELL as determined by configure.
      Use bash or ksh if available for SH in Makefile.
      Increase test timeout to allow slow VMs to finish
      Only run regression tests on slow VMs.
      Only return events from ppoll that were requested.
      Specify TEST_SHELL=bash on AIX.
      Disable security key on fbsd6 test host.

cheloha at openbsd.org (1):
      upstream: ssh: xstrdup(): use memcpy(3)

deraadt at openbsd.org (1):
      upstream: and we go back to testing sftp-scp after the 8.9

djm at openbsd.org (18):
      upstream: put back the scp manpage changes for SFTP mode too
      upstream: free(3) wants stdlib.h
      upstream: save an unneccessary alloc/free, based on patch from
      upstream: pack pollfd array before server_accept_loop() ppoll()
      upstream: improve DEBUG_CHANNEL_POLL debugging message
      upstream: ssh-keygen -Y check-novalidate requires namespace or SEGV
      upstream: helpful comment
      upstream: remove blank line
      upstream: don't try to resolve ListenAddress directives in the sshd
      upstream: make addargs() and replacearg() a little more robust and
      upstream: don't leak argument list; bz3404, reported by Balu
      upstream: avoid NULL deref via ssh-keygen -Y find-principals.
      upstream: ssh is almost out of getopt() characters; note the
      upstream: fix poll() spin when a channel's output fd closes without
      upstream: select post-quantum KEX
      upstream: add support for the "corp-data" protocol extension to
      upstream: add a sftp client "cp" command that supports server-side
      upstream: openssh-9.0

dtucker at openbsd.org (1):
      upstream: Remove the char * casts from arguments to do_lstat,

naddy at openbsd.org (3):
      upstream: include rejected signature algorithm in error message and
      upstream: man pages: add missing commas between subordinate and
      upstream: ssh: document sntrup761x25519-sha512 at openssh.com as


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