ANNOUNCE: 1.2.1pre26

Damien Miller djm at
Sun Jan 16 17:59:08 EST 2000

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I have uploaded openssh-1.2.1pre26. Please use a mirror:

Major changes:

 - IPv6 support. I have merged the IPv6 support from OpenBSD CVS and
   the function replacements from KIKUCHI Takahiro 
   <kick at>. It compiles and works OK for me on 
   Redhat Linux 6.1 (which has the necessary functions) and 5.2 
   (which uses the replacement functions). This is a big change and
   is likely to break some of the other platforms. Please test.

 - OpenBSD cvs updates (including portforwarding fixes).

 - Change auth-skey.c to use OpenSSH SHA1 functions

 - Use __snprintf and friends if they are present and snprintf is not.

 - Portability fixes

 - Add --with-xauth=FILE and --with-pid-dir=PATH configure options

Detailed changes:

 - Renamed --with-xauth-path to --with-xauth
 - Added --with-pid-dir option
 - Released 1.2.1pre26

 - Add --with-xauth-path configure directive and explicit test for
   /usr/openwin/bin/xauth for Solaris systems. Report from Anders 
   Nordby <anders at>
 - Fix incorrect detection of /dev/ptmx on Linux systems that lack 
   openpty. Report from John Seifarth <john at>
 - Look for intXX_t and u_intXX_t in sys/bitypes.h if they are not in
   sys/types.h. Fixes problems on SCO, report from Gary E. Miller 
   <gem at>
 - Use __snprintf and __vnsprintf if they are found where snprintf and
   vnsprintf are lacking. Suggested by Ben Taylor <bent at>
   and others.

 - Merged OpenBSD IPv6 patch:
   - [sshd.c sshd.8 sshconnect.c ssh.h ssh.c servconf.h servconf.c scp.1]
     [scp.c packet.h packet.c login.c log.c canohost.c channels.c]
     [hostfile.c sshd_config]
     ipv6 support: mostly gethostbyname->getaddrinfo/getnameinfo, new
     features: sshd allows multiple ListenAddress and Port options. note 
     that libwrap is not IPv6-ready. (based on patches from 
     fujiwara at
   - [ssh.c canohost.c]
     more hints (hints.ai_socktype=SOCK_STREAM) for getaddrinfo, 
     from itojun@
   - [channels.c]
     listen on _all_ interfaces for X11-Fwd (hints.ai_flags = AI_PASSIVE)
   - [packet.h]
     allow auth-kerberos for IPv4 only
   - [scp.1 sshd.8 servconf.h scp.c]
     document -4, -6, and 'ssh -L 2022/::1/22'
   - [ssh.c]
     'ssh @host' is illegal (null user name), from 
     karsten at
   - [sshconnect.c]
     better error message
   - [sshd.c]
     allow auth-kerberos for IPv4 only
 - Big IPv6 merge:
   - Cleanup overrun in sockaddr copying on RHL 6.1
   - Replacements for getaddrinfo, getnameinfo, etc based on versions
     from patch from KIKUCHI Takahiro <kick at>
   - Replacement for missing structures on systems that lack IPv6
   - record_login needed to know about AF_INET6 addresses
   - Borrowed more code from OpenBSD: rresvport_af and requisites

 - Fixes to auth-skey to enable it to use the standard OpenSSL libraries

Damien Miller

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