[Fwd: Serious Bug Report: OpenSSH]

Andrew Morgan morgan at transmeta.com
Thu Dec 2 17:15:26 EST 1999

Chris Saia wrote:
>   (*) pam_pwdb is included with SuSE, but it's packaged separately, is
>       not kept up-to-date with the pam package itself, and contains the
>       following package description:

I think its pretty well determined that libpwdb is no longer alive and
will go away, I'm recommending that folk use pam_unix these days.
Glibc's NSS support is better supported, widely deployed and does almost
what libpwdb was intended to do.

[BTW. regarding this bug, is it the case that their client and server
are from the same openssh package (1.2-pre15)? Forgive my ignorance, but
is P$ some sort of shorthand for something? Or is this actually
something that the log generates? If I were to guess wildly, I'd say
that this looks a lot like the daemon's conversation-function getting
royally confused.]



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