[Fwd: Serious Bug Report: OpenSSH]

Philip Hands phil at hands.com
Fri Dec 3 04:39:59 EST 1999

Chris Saia <csaia at wtower.com> writes:

> RedHat Linux and Mandrake include both in their PAM package; SuSE
> Linux only includes pam_unix.so in its default setup(*); and Solaris
> (looking at Sol7/x86) only has pam_unix.so -- no pam_pwdb.so at all.
> I don't have access to any other PAM implementations, but I would
> reckon they also have pam_unix.so and may or may not have the former.

On Debian, pam_unix.so in libpam-modules, which is going to be
installed on almost all Debian systems because things that use pam
(like login, passwd, and ssh as it happens) depend upon it.

pam_pwdb.so is in a separate package (libpam-pwdb), so is not
necessarily present, although it does seem to be maintained as part of
the main pam group of packages, so is not rotting like the SuSe

Cheers, Phil.

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